About Us

UAE Mortgage Finder is the UAE’s top home loan and mortgage comparison site, comparing more brands than any other site. We are a team of financial and technical experts working on a mission to bring transparency, simplicity and comfort to the way people seek to obtain a mortgage. Our goal is to simplify the world of finance and help consumers with confidence find the right product for them.

We have been working hard on this for quite some time. In fact, we have compared financial products and services such as personal loans and credit cards for over 5 years, and we pride ourselves on having experts from the finance industry in all of our businesses. And now we’ve put our thumbs up in the mortgage comparison and home loans too.

Customers who visit our site are able to compare over 20+ banks in UAE providing home and mortgage loans in UAE. As the best mortgage comparison site in the UAE, we strive to include the majority of product providers in the market and compare the product features that are most relevant to them. However, not every brand is currently included.

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FinTech is radically changing how society and businesses operate, and its future potential is limitless. Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive advanced solutions to Mortgage and Home Loan seekers enabling them to find their financial products in a fast, easy, and convenient way.